Additional information in relation to the person who requested asylum in Montenegro

    Following enquiries by several media outlets addressed to the Government of Montenegro and to certain ministries in relation to last night’s press release issued by the Government’s Public Relations Service on Montenegro’s acceptance to participate in a humanitarian programme aimed at assisting the closure of the Guantanamo base, we wish to communicate the following:

    The person that entered Montenegro yesterday as part of the special programme launched by the US Government aimed at the closure of the Guantanamo base in Cuba poses no security or other sort of threat for Montenegro and its citizens according to the assessment by relevant US and Montenegrin security services. Prior to the transfer of individuals within this programme to third countries, detailed evaluation of their behaviour, criminal and legal liability, and overall security estimates are undertaken, which are then followed by decisions on prospective transfers.

    Bearing in mind the fact that re-socialisation includes integration into society, the sojourn of this individual will not incur costs for the Montenegrin taxpayer. The person in question will after certain time be allowed to choose freely the country of further stay.

    In line with the assumed obligations and legal procedures, the person in question has yesterday filed a request for asylum. The Law on Asylum (Official Gazette of the Republic of Montenegro no. 45 of 17 July 2006, and Official Gazette of Montenegro no. 40 of 8 August 2011) prescribes that no further information may be published in relation to this matter (“The public shall be excluded from the asylum procedure,” Article 34, paragraph 1 of the Law). All line institutions of the Government, including the MFAEI, the Interior Ministry, and line security services have, in accordance with their competencies, undertaken and are still undertaking necessary activities in relation to the admission of the person in question and ensuring their re-socialisation and sojourn in Montenegro takes place in line with the Law on Asylum.

    The re-socialisation process within this programme requires, in all receiving countries, i.e. the countries of asylum request, certain control procedures of line institutions, while providing full respect for the legality and humane treatment in the receiving countries.

    Montenegro has joined this initiative guided by the principles of solidarity and humanity, with which it is bound inter alia by virtue of the country’s participation in the United Nations’ Human Rights Council, and especially the humanitarian nature of the programme in question.

    We recall that Montenegro participates in this humanitarian process of re-socialisation, aimed at return to family, full socialisation, and integration into society, alongside a great number of other countries, among which Germany, Italy, Russia, Hungary, Slovakia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and many others.


    Source: Government of Montenegro