Adviser Kojičić hosts US State Department’s Special Envoy for Human Rights of LGBTI Persons: Strong support for LGBTI rights

    Podgorica, Montenegro (5 November 2015) — Adviser to Prime Minister for Human Rights and Protection from Discrimination and National Coordinator for LGBTI Policy Jovan Kojičić hosted earlier today US State Department’s Special Envoy for Human Rights of LGBTI Persons Randy W. Barry.

    The meeting paid special attention to human rights and freedoms of LGBTI persons and the global opportunities in that field, emphasising the importance of politics in promoting a broad social inclusion and respect for diversity in the workplace, which is a good opportunity for cooperation in expanding global initiatives. Montenegro’s efforts in this area have been recognised, thus sending a clear message to the LGBTI community and all individuals about the country’s commitment to advancing human rights of LGBTI people, their security, increased visibility, acceptance and involvement in social life.

    Adviser Kojičić stressed the significance of mutual cooperation in planning and expanding strategies in order to promote the policy of diversity in the workplace, as well as in promoting the OutLeadership concept as a support mechanism for the respect for diversity and inclusion of LGBTI persons. The meeting also discussed the modalities of potential cooperation and support for such efforts with a view to establishing the best mechanisms and exchanging experience in order to integrate the current trends and strategies of multinational companies into the existing plans and programmes of support for the Government’s policy.

    Adviser Kojičić particularly underlined the Montenegrin Government’s efforts towards establishing regional cooperation and the joint platform on diversity in the Western Balkans and inclusion of LGBTI persons, which was initiated at the first LGBT Business Forum this year in Budva, under the auspices of the Third Ministerial IDAHO Forum, sponsored by the Government of Montenegro.

    Source: Government of Montenegro