Ambassador Gritsay: Russia has never questioned Montenegro’s right to achieve its foreign policy priorities

    Podgorica, Montenegro (11 September 2015) — Prime Minister Milo Đukanović hosted earlier today newly appointed Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Montenegro Sergey Nikolaevich Gritsay.

    The Prime Minister wished the Russian Ambassador to successfully perform his diplomatic mission, emphasising that Montenegro is a friendly country that respects the tradition of good relations with Russia and is willing to further boost them in their future.

    Latest slowdown in cooperation between the two countries, caused by the overall geopolitical context, should be addressed though an open dialogue and respect for mutual interests, the Prime Minister underscored.

    “The commitment of our strategic national goal is not contrary to the partnership with Russia and it is our sincere intention to build good relations in line with the joint action to promote cooperation in all fields,” he stated.

    PM Đukanović in particular stressed Montenegro’s efforts to contribute, through the voice of a small country, to overcoming the consequences of the deadlock in relations between Europe and Russia and the re-establishment of the partnership relations, which is in the interests of preserving stability and achieving economic prosperity.

    Ambassador Gritsay thanked the Prime Minister for the reception and expressed satisfaction with the long tradition of bilateral relations, noting that Russia is one of the first countries that recognised the independence of Montenegro.

    “The leadership of Russia has never questioned the right of Montenegro as an independent state to achieve its foreign policy priorities, including the European and Euro-Atlantic aspirations. The choice of Montenegro is a sovereign choice which will be respected by the Russian Federation,” the Ambassador pointed out.

    Mr Gritsay said he is ready, during his diplomatic term, to fully contribute to the development of dialogue and overcoming the stalemate in relations between the two countries, as well as to upgrading political, economic and cultural cooperation.

    The meeting concluded there is room for strengthening economic ties between the two countries, especially in the field of tourism and investment.

    Source: Government of Montenegro