Ambassador Steinacker: Germany strongly supports reaching of political agreement between government and opposition

    Podgorica, Monntenegro (16 March 2016) — Deputy Prime Minister Duško Marković hosted earlier today Ambassador of Germany Gudrun Steinacker.

    Ambassador Steinacker said that Germany is devotedly analysing all aspects of the political dialogue initiated in Montenegro, and that it is interested in reaching an agreement between the Government and opposition.

    DPM Marković stated that the Government, through a substantive dialogue with the opposition, has made a strong step forward towards creating conditions for providing legitimacy to the next elections.

    “The successful arrangement we strive to achieve is a new political value, and I expect that it will be a recognisable impulse for future political practice in Montenegro. In case of signing an agreement, I am sure that the period ahead will confirm that it is a model of open doors for resolving the most important state issues, with the participation of the democratic opposition whenever it is Montenegro’s legitimate need,” emphasised Mr Marković.

    Ambassador Steinacker agrees that signing the agreement would be significant from the standpoint of NATO and EU integration, because it would be seen as a democratic step of the authorities and the opposition as well. She encouraged further work of the political stakeholders developing a constructive approach in that regard.

    DPM Marković stressed the commitment of the Government and the Democratic Party of Socialists, as its largest constituent, to reducing the gap between the government and opposition by making a current offer.

    “An offer, involving seven positions in the Cabinet, and dozens of them in state and local governments, as well as presence in the public companies management, testifies to our determination to remove the slightest doubt in the electoral process preparation. Furthermore, we are open, in line with the Constitution, laws and good political practice, to consider several issues in order reach an agreement,” explained DPM Marković.

    The two officials assessed that the two countries have excellent bilateral relations, and that particular attention will be devoted to the strengthening of cooperation in the economic sphere.

    Source: Government of Montenegro