At 2014 Wales Summit, NATO welcomes Montenegro’s role, reforms, to decide by end of 2015 whether to offer membership

    Cardiff, Wales, the United Kingdom (5 September 2014) – NATO Summit, which took place in Wales on 4-5 September, discussed numerous topics, including the need to increase joint defence efforts, cooperation in various fields, and future endeavours. The summit also discussed the potential future enlargement of NATO and in that regard recognised Montenegro’s notable efforts and reiterated the June Ministerial Meeting conclusion to launch intensified and focused talks with Montenegro and assess by the end of 2015 whether to invite Montenegro to join the Alliance.

    The Article 95 of the Summit Declaration says the following about Montenegro’s relationship with NATO:

    95. We welcome the significant progress made by Montenegro in its reforms, its constructive role in the Western Balkans region and the contribution that it makes to international security, including its contribution to our engagement in Afghanistan. In recognition of Montenegro’s progress towards NATO membership, the Alliance has agreed to open intensified and focused talks with Montenegro, and agreed that Foreign Ministers will assess Montenegro’s progress no later than by the end of 2015 with a view to deciding on whether to invite Montenegro to join the Alliance. These talks will be conducted in conjunction with the Membership Action Plan (MAP) process. In the meantime, we look to Montenegro to continue its efforts to address the remaining challenges, particularly with respect to rule of law and completing security sector reform. We also welcome the increase in public support in Montenegro for NATO membership and encourage continued efforts in this area.

    The full text of the Declaration is available at:

    Source: Government of Montenegro