“Be responisble” campaign: More than EUR 500.000 for socially beneficial projects

    Podgorica, Montenegro (12 November 2014) – Owning to active involvement of citizens in combating grey economy and the “Be responsible. It’s up to you. Grey economy 0%” campaign, more than EUR 500.000 has been diverted from the gray zone to socially beneficial projects.

    Montenegrins reported over 3.5000 irregularities related to grey economy to the authorities, which resulted in collecting over EUR 1 million in fines.

    According to the campaign’s rules, half of the amount (EUR 500,000) should be invested in socially beneficial projects the citizens were able to propose and to vote for.

    During the first phase of the project, EUR 250.000 was already investied in the implementation of the five projects:

    -Purchase of gastroenterology and colonoscopy equipment for the Child Care Institute of the Montenegrin Clinical Centre;
    -Reconstruction and redesign of day-care centres for children and youth with disabilities in the municipalities of Cetinje, Nikšić, and Plav;
    -Landscaping of the Ćemovsko Polje Park;
    -Reconstruction and redesign of the psycho-geriatrics department of the Retirement Home in Risan;
    -Procurement of didactic equipment for state preschools.

    Citizens, who indicate to the non-issue of VAT receipts, moonlighting and violation of consumer rights until 15 December 2014, will be able to vote for 17 new projects, which will be implemented by the funds to be collected during the second phase of the campaign.

    The campaign “Be responsible. It’s up to you. Grey economy 0%” is part of the project “Citizen Involvement in Fight against Grey Economy”, which is being implemented by the Government of Montenegro, Faculty of Electrical Engineering Podgorica, and UNDP Montenegro.

    Citizens can report illegal economic practices via the mobile and web app Be Responsible (Budi odgovoran) or phone numbers of the Administration for Inspection Affairs (080 555 555) and Tax Authority (19707).

    Source: Government of Montenegro