Cabinet adopts Report on implementation of 5th Annual National Programme within NATO’s Membership Action Plan

    Podgorica, Montenegro (24 September 2015) – At today’s session, the Montenegrin Cabinet endorsed the Report on the implementation of the Fifth Annual National Programme (ANP) within the Membership Action Plan (MAP), which is being carried out in parallel with the process of intensified and focused talks with NATO.

    The report will be submitted to NATO experts by the end of the next week, who will make a report on the country’s progress for 2015. The report will, among other things, serve as a basis for reaching a decision on extending a membership invitation to Montenegro, National Coordinator for NATO Vesko Garčević told the press following the Cabinet’s session.

    The 5th ANP includes seven chapters related to political issues, rule of law, parliamentary reform, security, military and defence, economy, and legal matters, and special attention was paid to the activities in the four key areas, he explained.

    In the coming months, the Government will continue the intensified public dialogue and debate on Montenegro’s accession to NATO, as well as its activities aimed at strengthening the rule of law, the National Coordinator for NATO concluded.

    Source: Government of Montenegro