Cabinet approves Bill on removal and transplantation of human tissues and cells for purposes of medical treatment

    Podgorica, Montenegro (9 October 2014) – At today’s session, Montenegro’s Cabinet approved the Bill on removal and transplantation of human tissues and cells for the purposes of medical treatment with the view to further and proper harmonising legislation in that area with that of the EU.

    The bill defines procedures of removal and transplantation of tissues and cells based on the consent of donors and recipients, removal for the purpose of treatment, non commercial removal, and donor and recipient’s anonymity. In that regard, the bill prescribes for the ban on trade in human tissues and cells, advertising sale of tissues in the media, as well as the mediation in these activities, Health Minister Miodrag Radunović stated following the Cabinet meeting.

    According to the bill, the Health Ministry runs a waiting list for tissues and cells transplatation, and the selection of patients has to be done in line with transparent, fair and widely accepted medical treatment, he underscored.

    Procedures of giving, taking, testing, processing, preserving, importing, exporting and exchanging tissues and cells, in the Health Minister’s words, are to be performed by health care institutions or their parts authorised by Montenegro’s Ministry of Health, as well as certain institutions, banks of tissues and cells from the EU member states authorised by their authorities.

    Transplantation of tissues and cells will be used as the only means of medical treatment, in cases where all other options have been exhausted with donors and recipients’ consent.

    The bill has been positively assessed by the European Commission, Minister Radunović concluded.

    He also noted that living donor transplantation programme have been continued and that 17 kidney transplantation have been carried out in Montenegro since 25 September 2012. He added there are 60 people waiting for kidney, 18 for liver and 3 for heart transplantation.

    Source: Government of Montenegro