Cabinet discusses effects of 2014 tourism season

    Podgorica, Montenegro (23 October 2014) – Today’s session of the Montenegro Cabinet discussed the effects of the 2014 tourism season and the challenges that are to be tackled in order to boost Montenegrin tourism product.

    In the first 8 months, revenues from tourism amounted to EUR 643 million, which is an increase of 2.2 % compared to 2013, Minister of Tourism and Sustainable Development Branimir Govozdenović told the press earlier today.

    In his words, the 2014 tourism season saw the following achievements:

    •growth of tourism revenue and traffic;
    •significant increase in the number of overnight stays from non-European markets (Japan, the USA, Canada);
    •increase in domestic labour employment (6.415 domestic workers, an increase of 9.5% compared to 20114);
    •opening of a five-star Regent hotel and 4 four-star hotels in the coastal area;
    •improved air access to Montenegro due to low cost airlines such as Ryanair, Berlin Air, Norwegian, and low prices introduced by Montenegro Airlines;
    •16% more tourists visited Montenegro’s national parks, compared to the same period last year;
    •intensified promotional campaigns through line communication in international market and the region.

    Tourism Minister Gvozdenović also emphasised that, according to the World Tourism and Travel Council (WTTC), Montenegro still holds first place in terms of expected annual growth in tourism for 2014, as well as long-term growth prediction for the period 2014 -2024.

    He also noted that prestigious tour guide Lonely Planet has declared the Exit Sea Dance Festival, which generated EUR 7 million in revenue, as second–best music festival in Europe in 2014, and reiterated that the leading British travel company Thomas Cook has honoured Montenegro with “Destination of Excellence 2014” bronze award for its major contribution to sustainable tourism development.

    Minister Gvozdenović also emhasised that the most urgent issues from the tourism reform agenda implies boosting access to Montenegro, as one of greatest challenges in the coming period, and improving accommodation capacities (greater number of four or five-star hotels), thus eliminating seasonality, the key issue of Montenegro’s tourism.

    Source: Government of Montenegro