Cabinet meeting

    Podgorica, Montenegro (2 October 2014) — At today’s session, Montenegro’s Cabinet endorsed the Bill on Higher Education. The law will regulate, in a different manner, rights and obligations of students, process of establishing institutions of higher education, as well as other significant for better implementation of the principles of the Bologna Declaration and better positioning of montenegro within the European Higher Education Area. The new law prescribes more precisely the method of providing quality which implies accreditation, self-evaluation and re-accreditation, requirements for the establishment and abolition of institutions and study programmes, organisation of the institutions of higher education, registration procedure and rules of study and funding.

    The Cabinet approved the Bill Amending the Law on Enforcement and Security. The Government stated the proposed amendments are to improve the existing solutions and build new ones, which will make execution process faster, better and more efficient.

    The Government also discussed the priority development projects in the field of tourism and noted that the activities are being carried out as planned, with maximum accuracy and commitment from the relevant institutions. Given the importance of these projects for the country’s economic development, the Government confirmed its commitment to boosting Montenegro’s competitiveness as an investment destination. Furthermore, the Government will continue, through the capital budget, to invest in infrastructure development, which will create necessary conditions for investment in northern Montenegro, the meeting concluded.

    The Government also discussed the current situation in the company Montavar Metalac from Nikšić. It was concluded that the competent authorities, within its jurisdiction, have done everything they can to maintain production and to help workers, and that the Investment and Development Fund is in the process of collecting receivables, on the basis of guarantees that have matured.

    By the same token, Montenegro’s Cabinet tasked the authorities to verify whether the funds were used as it had been planned and whether there are grounds to launch a criminal prosecution of owners and the company’s management. Competent departments were also tasked, in the context of plans for the development of the metal industry, to review the possibility for survival of the company on a sustainable basis and to propose concrete solutions to the Government.

    Source: Government of Montenegro