Cabinet’s meeting

    Podgorica, Montenegro (1 October 2015) – In order to improve the public administration system, the Government of Montenegro at today’s session approved the Bill on Administrative Dispute. Having in mind that the administrative dispute represents a legal mechanism for supervising the public administration and an efficient tool for maintaining legality and protecting citizens’ rights and interests, the Government noted that this law plays a crucial role in establishing an efficient public administration system.

    Considering the information about the content of the Democratic Front’s request for the “fall“of the Montenegrin government delivered to the Prime Minister, the Government emphasised that the request is undemocratic and unconstitutional. Montenegro is a civic, open, and democratic society, with citizens being original holders of sovereignty and the power that does not arise from the freely expressed will of citizens in democratic elections and in line with the law cannot be established or acknowledged. Therefore, the motion of no confidence to the Government cannot be launched, the session pointed out.

    The Government adopted the Bill amending the Law on Yachts aimed at developing nautical tourism and positioning Montenegro as a prestigious nautical destination. The amendment provides an opportunity for a crew member of a foreign yacht, whose owner has signed a berth rental agreement with a Montenegrin port for the period longer than 90 days, to be guaranteed temporary stay in Montenegro in line with the laws regulating the movement and stay of foreigners.

    The Government also approved the Bill on Judicial Experts, which impoves legal norms aimed at more qualitative and rapid drafting of judicial experts’ reports, thus contributing to more efficient work of judicial and other institutions in conducting proceedings.

    Source: Government of Montenegro