Cabinet’s meeting

    Podgorica, Montenegro (8 October 2015) – At the session held earlier today, the Cabinet noted that the Government successfully met the requirements within the Agenda and the EU accession process programme for the period 2015-2018. The requirements fulfilled within the third quarter of 2015 are beyond 93%, the meeting emphasised.
    The Government also adopted reports on the implementation of key documents handed by the relevant ministries, stressing that delays in meeting other requirements are result of the objective circumstances related to the communication with the European Commission and harmonisation of legislation with the EU acquis communautaire. The relevant ministries have two and a half months more to implement the remaining requirements, the Cabinet meeting stressed.
    Due to various differences between the municipalities in terms of population, territory, economic and fiscal capacities, the Government adopted Analysis on changing monotype model of local governments. The Analysis underlined that the current model reached its potential and that it has to be modified, advocating at the same time a need for drafting a public administration reform strategy for the period 2016-2020.
    The meeting also issued a draft law on the state seal and seals of the state authorities and bill amending the Law on Protection and Rescue.

    Source: Government of Montenegro