Call for project proposals from Norwegian Bilateral Assistance package published

    According to the Memorandum of Understanding between the Ministry of Economy of Montenegro and the Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Royal Norwegian Government has donating funds within a package of bilateral assistance since 2005. Accordingly, we hereby announce invitation for submission of projects to be financed within the package of bilateral cooperation between the Kingdom of Norway and Montenegro for 2014. The deadline for submission of project proposals is 20 March 2014. The application form can be downloaded here. Project proposals are to be in English language and delivered electronically, together with a budget plan, to the Ministry of Economy to the e-mail address:

    Please note that projects to be financed this year shall be from the following areas:
    • energy sector
    • security sector reforms
    • rule of law and justice
    • economic development and competitiveness
    • environment protection and sustainable development

    Project proposals which are not delivered in English language shall not be taken into consideration.

    Source: Government of Montenegro