Correction: Nebojša Medojević to prove his claims before competent public prosecutor

    Podorica, Montenegro (17 November 2015) — Malicious, sensational, utterly tendentious and unfounded claims made by Nebojša Medojević about the alleged Prime Minister Milo Đukanović’s connection with smuggling of weapons to terrorist organisations, published on Tuesday, 17 November 2015 in certain media, were put forth with clear intent and contains all features of the false reporting criminal offence under Article 388 of the Criminal Code of Montenegro.

    A criminal charge will be filed to the competent public prosecutor in order to enlighten all the circumstances and determine the relevant facts. The public prosecutor will give an assessment of the legal consequences of the Neboša Medojević’s illegal conduct, and Nebojša Medojević will be able to prove his claims before the competent judicial authorities.


    Source: Government of Montenegro