Council for NATO Membership discusses Montenegro’s Fifth Annual National Programme

    Podgorica, Montenegro (4 October 2014) — Today’s meeting of the Council for NATO Membership, chaired by the Council’S President and Prime Minister Milo Đukanović, discussed Montenegro’s Fifth Annual National Programme in the period of intensive and focused discussions with the NATO, which include seven chapters, namely political issues, rule of law, parliamentary reform, security, military and defence, economic, and legal issues.

    After the document is approved at the next Cabinet meeting, it will be presented in Brussels on 17 October, and Montenegro can start its fifth cycle of the Membership Action Plan (MAP), which will last until October 2015.

    The Council concluded that Montenegro, through pursuing more intense and regular political dialogue with the NATO at all levels and bilaterally with its member states, will continue implementing reforms and fulfilling the necessary criteria for receiving invitation to join the alliance by late 2015, paying particular attention to the four key reform areas – strengthening the rule of law, reform of security and defense sectors, and strengthening public support for Montenegro’s membership in NATO.

    The meeting also addressed the “Information on the activities of the Communication Team 2014-2015”, developed by the Communication Team of the Council for NATO Membership. The document provides an overview of the results achieved in terms of strengthening public support since the beginning of 2014, the key challenges and experiences, as well as the draft plan of activities for the next period.

    The Council also discussed the document “NATO Acquis”, designed by the Expert Working Group on Legal Affairs with the view to harmonising Montenegro’s legislation with that of the NATO.

    Source: Government of Montenegro