Council for rule of law: Adoption of judiciary-related law, fight against corruption, remain key priorities in reform process

    Podgorica, Montenegro (22 October 2014) – At yesterday’s meeting, Council for the rule of law discussed the EU Commission’s 2014 Progress Report, particularly the part related to organised crime and corruption. DPM Duško Marković, who chaired the meeting, highlighted that legal activities and the implementation of temporary measures are not being carried out as it was planned.

    The Council noted that the third Report clearly indicates progress made so far, as well as the shortcomings in meeting requirements from the European agenda. The report also provides guidelines for efficient work of the public administration in order to ensure required dynamics of the reform process.

    DPM Marković stressed that members of the Council have not only professional, but also political responsibility for setting standards aimed at conducting the work of the state administration. In that regard, they will create the environment suitable for the implementation of reforms set out in the documents.

    In order to foster the integration process, the Council identified the reform priorities, particularly referring to the adoption of the new laws related to the judiciary and fight against corruption. The work on these laws and the implementation of the temporary measures will be the subject to the Council’s work in the coming period, the meeting concluded.

    Source: Government of Montenegro