Criminal charges filed against MP Milan Knežević and councillor in Podgorica parliament Nikola Bajčetić

    Podgorica, Montenegro (19 October 2015) – The Security Centre Podgorica has pressed criminal charges against MP Milan Knežević and Councillor in the Podgorica local parliament Nikola Bajčetić, suspected of assaulting police officers in performing their duties.

    Knežević and Bajčetić are suspected of committing criminal offenses on Saturday morning, while the police assisted, according to the law, the municipal police in dismantling the camp set up by protesters, led by opposition Democratic Front, in St Peter of Cetinje Boulevard in Podgorica.

    We remind the public of the fact that Knežević was suspected of physically assaulting a police officer who was on duty. Although he was attacked, the police officer did not use coercive means against MP Knežević.

    Bajčetić was suspected of breaking through the police cordon with a Renault Megan vehicle at the crossing of Stanko Dragojević Street and St Peter of Cetinje Blvd, thus threatening lives of the protesters, police officers and municipal police officers.

    Criminal charges against Knežvić were filed earlier this morning, whereas Bajčetić was brought to the prosecutor on 17 October, and released, after hearing, to defend himself from liberty.


    Source: Government of Montenegro