Defence Minister Milica Pejanović takes part in Vienna Congress com.sult 2016

    PR Service Podgorica, Montenegro (19 January 2016) — Montenegro’s Defence Minister Milica Pejanović participated in the 13th Vienna Congress com.sult 2016, which took place on 18-19 January.

    Speaking at the panel discussion titled “Society and Politics: Fit for Growth,” Minister Pejanovic reflected on Montenegro’s progress towards the EU and NATO, underlining that the integration processes give added impetus to economic growth and development.

    Stressing that sustainable economic development is not possible without peace and stability, Minister Pejanović said that despite the difficult historical heritage, the countries of the Western Balkans have shown ability to overcome complex challenges and that Montenegro, which saw a 4% increase of GDP in 2015, is a good example of multiculturalism in the region.

    “We remain committed to building peaceful and just societies, whose values are based on the rule of law and good governance at all levels, and the key to resolving this issue lies in education, which must be the essence of the integration process. Europe, like an old lady, have gained sufficient experience to tackle challenges of the 21st century,” she underscored in Vienna.

    The Vienna Congress once again brought together prominent figures from the worlds of politics, economics and science to discuss future development of different aspects, focusing on the issue of migrant crisis, which has been one of the greatest challenges faced by European states and institutions in every sense.

    Source: Government of Montenegro