Defence Minister Pejanović-Đurišić: Montenegro brings values of tolerance and multiculturalism into NATO Alliance

    Budva, Montenegro (6 June 2015) — Minister of Defence Milica Pejanović-Đurišić took part in the IV panel at the 2BS Forum titled “Reshaping security system in order to meet congemporary terrorism threats”, where she addressed threats and challenges of a modern democratic society.

    The 2BS Forum serves as a platform for recognising what Montenegro has achieved when it comes to the modernisation of security and defence system. Despite of all attrocities and challanges, Montenegro manages to preserve internal peace and stability, she emphasised.

    Having in mind that NATO cherishes important democratic values, Montenegro has a long-lasting tradition of perserving multicultural and national tolerance as the two cornerstones of a democratic society, Minister Pejanovic-Đurišić explained. In that regard, Montenegro as a future member of the NATO could bring those values into Euro-Atlantic community, she added.

    We should use the know-how for the global approach to security and other challenges, because complex threats are jeopardising principles of democratic societies, Minister Pejanovic-Đurišić underlined.

    When it comes to the people engaged within terrorist organisations, it is a very peculiar fact that the most of them are in the age between 16 and 26, Minister Pejanovic-Đurišić stressed. It is a generation issue or so called generation nihilism and the international community should invest more efforts in improving education, dialogue and cooperation with the media to deal with this threat in a more efficient manner, Minister Pejanović-Đurišić concluded.

    Source: Government of Montenegro