Deputy Prime Minister Lukšić speaks with Deputy Foreign Minister of Russian Federation Aleksey Meshkov

    Podgorica, Montenegro (19 January 2016) — Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration Igor Lukšić met earlier today with Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Aleksey Meshkov.

    The officials agreed that the two countries are bound by traditionally good and friendly relations and they noted in an open conversation that it is important, with mutual understanding of differing positions on certain issues, to work on maintaining friendly relations and further improving bilateral cooperation in areas of shared interest.

    Mr Meshkov voiced the well-known positions of the Russian Federation as regards the Euro-Atlantic and European integration of Montenegro, noting that what is needed in bilateral relations, in the current situation, is to identify jointly the modalities for strengthening cooperation with the aim of maintaining the traditionally friendly relations between the two countries which are manifested through cooperation in various areas such as tourism, culture, economy, and education.

    DPM Lukšić underlined the importance of an open and intensive dialogue on all issues with the aim of further promotion of bilateral relations between Montenegro and Russia. “Even though we cannot agree on all issues, it is important that we speak openly and that we understand each other, while remaining fixed on the future and opportunities for further improving our relations,” Mr Lukšić has said. Discussing the foreign policy priorities of Montenegro, the DPM underlined that EU and NATO integration efforts are not directed against any party, but that the objective of these policies is to strengthen stability and security, as well as to bolster further economic growth. Along those lines, he reiterated the position that Montenegro wishes, in the spirit of the centuries-old tradition and friendship, to develop and improve bilateral relations with Russia.

    In the run up to the meeting between DPM Lukšić and Deputy Foreign Minister Meshkov, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of Montenegro and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation held bilateral political consultations, which were led from Montenegro’s side by State Secretary for Political Affairs Igor Jovović and Director-General for Bilateral Affairs Ljiljana Tošković.

    Source: Government of Montenegro