Deputy Prime Minister Vujica Lazović in interview to B92 Television regarding the last night’s protests in Podgorica

    Podgorica, Montenegro (25 October 2015) – Deputy Prime Minister Vujica Lazović gave an interview to B92 Television, regarding the last night’s protests in the capital city of Montenegro.

    Following the protests that occurred last night in Podgorica, DPM Lazović said that Montenegro has sent a clear message to its citizens, the region, and the rest of the world that it is a stable and democratic society. He stressed that Montenegro has sufficient capacities to deal with this kind of challenges and solve them in accordance with the Constitution and the law.

    The police had acted in a very professional manner and managed to solve this conflict situation by preserving the constitutional order, while preventing the attempt of a coup d’état by the militant protesters at the same time, DPM Lazović explained.

    Regarding the various video-recordings showing that the police officers allegedly attacked people who were not actively resisting them, PM Lazović underlined that those actions will be investigated, noting that the protesters have demolished one part of the city in spite of the organisers’ announcement that the protests would be peaceful and democratic.

    Although one part of the opposition attempted a coup d’état, the Government of Montenegro remains open for dialogue, which is one of the main features and standards of democratic societies, DPM Lazović emphasised, stressing that Montenegro’s progress towards building a democratic society has been recognised by the EU and wider international community.

    Source: Government of Montenegro