DPM Ivanović meets with Slovak Ambassador Roman Hloben

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    Podgorica, Montenegro (5 July 2016) – Slovakia will preside over the EU for the next six months and provide full support to Montenegro to continue the successful process of European integration, said Slovak Ambassador to Montenegro Roman Hloben, who met today with Deputy Prime Minister Petar Ivanović… DPM Ivanović meets with Slovak Ambassador Roman Hloben

    In a long and cordial conversation, DPM Ivanović and Ambassador Hloben agreed that Montenegro, as well as the Western Balkan countries must rapidly catch up to European standards and develop their own economies.

    Slovak Ambassador congratulated the Deputy Prime Minister and Montenegro on recent opening of two more negotiation chapters related to agriculture. This is, as the Ambassador said, the great success that would be impossible without hard work of Montenegrin institutions.

    “The opening of one of the key chapters dealing with food safety and fisheries signs that Montenegro is able to responsibly run business,” Hloben said.

    He added that Brussels administration is well aware of the results achieved in the last three years, which led to the opening of chapters. Ambassador added that the basis for success in the negotiation process is political stability that leads to progress, economic development and prosperity, and Montenegro is a good example of such political course.

    “The EU is currently facing difficult moments due to Brexit, but this event cannot stop the process of its enlargement. Slovakia will, during the EU presidency, try to preserve the credibility and the dynamics of the enlargement policy,” Hloben noted.

    DPM Ivanović expressed satisfaction with very good and friendly relations between Montenegro and Slovakia, stressing that Montenegro appreciates the support and understanding of the country that after gaining independence made significant economic progress within the EU. Ivanović expressed the hope that during the Slovak presidency of the EU Montenegro will open few more important negotiating chapters to confirm commitment to strengthen the standards and citizens’ quality of life. In this way, not only the friendship between the two countries is confirmed, but it also sends a clear message about enlargement policy.
    “Working hard and with better understanding, I am confident that together we will succeed to close one chapter in the same time,” Ivanović concluded.

    Source: Government of Montenegro