DPM Jasavić hosts UNICEF Representative to Montenegro Benjamin Perks

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    Podgorica, Montenegro (16 August 2016) – Deputy Prime Minister Azra Jasavić hosted UNICEF Representative to Montenegro Benjamin Perks. Perks expressed satisfaction about launching initiative to improve conditions in maternity wards and care for mothers and newborns. The Government is ready to protect patients, but also to protect doctors’ profession… DPM Jasavić hosts UNICEF Representative to Montenegro Benjamin Perks

    “The Government tackled this theme at mine initiative, because I want to develop the dimension of the female component in the Government which is essential and important especially for these issues. Strategic partnership of UNICEF and the Government is necessary in this project,” the Deputy Prime Minister said.

    The two officials specially emphasised the need to develop and adopt international standards and protocols, which will be adapted to Montenegrin health needs and overall social relations. They also arranged the trilateral meeting between the Ministry of Health, UNICEF and the Cabinet of the Deputy Prime Minister, which will raise the issue of strengthening the existing team for the development of protocols and standards in this field of health. DPM Jasavić briefed Mr Perks about the organisation of a donor’s fundraising evening aimed to equip maternity wards in Montenegro.

    Beside this project, in which UNICEF participated, Perks informed Deputy Prime Minister Jasavić about three important projects implemented by the Government in cooperation with UNICEF. The first refers to the proactive involvement of children aged 3 to 6 in preschool education. The second relates to the campaign in which one area includes the prevention of violence against children, violence on the Internet, pedophilia and child pornography, and the other area tackles domestic violence. The third relates to the inclusion of children with disabilities into the educational system of Montenegro. The project that needs to be done in the future is improvement of the system of treatment of mental health illnesses that does not exist, which is the reason why there is no clear information regarding this issue.

    The two officials agreed that the most important period of proper and responsible attitude towards the children is the period from their birth until they start primary school, because during this period they are properly shaped and directed for the period that follows and which is under the system care of the state. The Deputy Prime Minister pointed out that maternity ward is the first place where Montenegrin citizens encounter the state, its institutions and relations that the state demonstrates to its citizens. That is the place where virtuousness and commitment to the human being/citizen in the most responsible way must be shown. Therefore, besides providing financial and material conditions, the state must work on promotion of medical profession, adoption and acceptance of international standards in order to protect both patients and doctors. Montenegro needs cooperation with UNICEF in this field. The two officials concluded that Montenegro has bright experts, but there are no teams that are based on clear standards and protocols.

    They also agreed permanent communication and synergy between UNICEF and the Government in order to define common goals.

    Source: Government of Montenegro