DPM Lukšić at 2BS Forum: Montenegro focused on meeting requirements from Euro-Atlantic agenda


    Budva, Montenegro (05 June 2015) — Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Igor Lukšić took part in the 2BS Forum, namely in the panel debate titled „Positioning NATO on a global chessboard“ which discussed complexity and spectrum of security threats with a direct impact on NATO and its member states.

    DPM Lukšić discussed with the panellists why it takes so long for Montenegro to join the NATO, stressing that this particular issue should be discussed from the two different angles. Having in mind that Montenegro regained its independence only nine years ago, comparing to other countries Montenegro’s accession process is not that slow, DP Lukšić stressed.

    Going back to the ’99 we should bear in mind that former Warsaw Pact countries took ten years to join NATO, DPM Lukšić said, stressing that if Montenegro gets the NATO invitation by the end of this year it will be the most fascinating celebration of the tenth anniversary of Montenegro’s independence.

    Montenegro has gone through a very intensive reform process during a ten-year period and hopefully this year the country will win sympathy of all 28 NATO member states to join NATO, DPM Lukšić stressed. Montenegro is focused on meeting all the necessary requirements and criteria, particularly within the strategic and defence system towards pursuing the Euro-Atlantic foreign policy goal, DPM Lukšić added.

    It is very important for the sake of Montenegrin territorial integrity as well as for the entire region’s stability to make additional efforts towards strengthening security through the continued reform process, DPM Lukšić concluded.

    Speech by Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Igor Lukšić at the panel debate titled “Positioning NATO on a Global Chessboard”

    Source: Government of Montenegro