DPM Lukšić, Bosnian Ambassador: Demarcation and identification of state border between two countries completed

    Podgorica, Montenegro (14 January 2015) – Montenegro’s Deputy Prime Minister Igor Lukšić hosted earlier today with Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina Đorđe Latinović for talk on the Sutorina Resolution, which had been forwarded to the Bosnian Parliament.

    DPM Lukšić voiced concern over the situation in regards to the proposed resolution, hoping that, having in mind the demarcation and identification of the state border between Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina had been completed, the border treaty will be signed soon. The issue should be resolved in the spirit of good neighbourhood cooperation, DPM Lukšić emphasised, adding that the meeting of the interstate border commission harmonised and initialed all the border documentation held 26 and 27 May 2014 in Sarajevo.

    Deputy Prime Minister Lukšić reiterated that the Montenegro government adopted the treaty proposal, thus terminating all internal legal procedures necessary for signing the document.

    Source: Government of Montenegro