DPM Lukšić: Continuation of reform momentum obligation of both Montenegro and EU

    Brussels, Montenegro (2 December 2014) — European Commission’s 2014 Progress Report acknowledges Montenegro’s efforts, and the reform momentum in the enlargement process is the both side’s obligation, Montenegro’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration Igor Lukšić said Monday in Brussels at a meeting of the Parliamentary Committee for Stabilisation and Association between the EU and Montenegro. He added that Montenegro will continue encouraging countries to undertake joint actions towards implementing project-oriented cooperation.

    Deputy Prime Minister Lukšić underlined that dialogue and inter-institutional cooperation in the EU accession process is critical, emphasising the contribution of Montenegro’s Assembly and in particular of its Parliamentary Committee for European Integration in meeting priorities arising from the country’s European agenda.

    “Professional, dedicated and above all honest cooperation between the Parliament and Government of Montenegro within the accession process is crucial for improving the reforms necessary for further progress of the integration process,” Montenegro’s Deputy Prime Minister pointed out in Brussels.

    He also underscored that Montenegro has set the rule of law as its strategic priority, as evidenced by the successful appointment of the key judicial office holders and establishment of judicial bodies and institutions in line with amendments to the Constitution of Montenegro. He also noted that the adoption of a number of laws related to the fight against corruption, political party financing, lobbying and conflicts of interest, and commented on the results of the economic policies and structural reforms, as well as the drafting of the National programme of economic reforms, which is underway.

    Source: Government of Montenegro