DPM Lukšić hosts German Ambassador Stainaker: Western Balkans Conference fulfills its aim

    Podgorica, Montenegro (9 September 2014) — Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration Igor Lukšić hosted earlier today Ambassador of Germany Gudrun Stainaker.

    The recently held Western Balkans Conference has fulfilled its aim and by reaffirming the enlargement policy contributed to the region’s main priority – Western Balkans’ integration into the EU – the new German Ambassador said during her first meeting in that capacity with Minister Lukšić.

    Mr Lukšić said that the recently held conference gave an added value to the enlargement process, and added that at this stage of integration the Western Balkans’ countries are in need of strong support and partnerships by countries such as Germany. In that regard, Mr Lukšić noted, it is very important for Montenegro to have a continuation of strong partnership and cooperation in the spheres of policy, economy, and integration.

    Mr Lukšić said that it is crucial for the integration process to stay its course, that Montenegro has progressed the farthest in the process, but added that it is necessary to ensure a sustainable economic growth, given that without growth it will be hard to implement the necessary reforms needed for lasting stability and development. In that regard, support and incentives by great economies such as Germany is very important, as well as Western Balkans’ linking and joint approach to economic development.

    Ambassador Stainaker underlined that the Western Balkans conference was a very important event, and that Germany has shown that it values greatly its relationship with the Western Balkans and Montenegro, as well as the enlargement process. Ms Stainaker noted that regional cooperation is key to integration and that the region’s countries need to cooperate more closely towards EU membership in order to make full use of the opportunities ahead, noting that Germany will continue being an active supporter of these processes. She said that during her mandate she will aim to support Montenegro’s EU accession process and that she will devote her mandate to the overall development of bilateral relations.

    The two officials agreed that the two countries cherish excellent bilateral relations and that the economic relations will receive a boost from the conference which is to be organised bynthe committee for German economic relations with the East.

    Source: Government of Montenegro