DPM Lukšić visits Budapest: Hungary fully supports Montenegro’s progress towards NATO and EU accession

    Budapest, Hungary (13 February) — Hungary fully supports Montenegro’s progress towards NATO and EU accession, the meeting between Montenegro’s Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Igor Lukšić and Hungary’s Head of Government Victor Orban emphasised Friday in Budapest.

    Hungarian Prime Minister said that Montenegro has a clear perspective of NATO membership and it will enjoy Hungarian assistance in the next stages of the process. He particularly highlighted the importance of Hungary’s role of NATO contact point embassy in Montenegro, through which it will be able to provide additional aid and support and in the context of current focused and intensified dialogue.

    Deputy Prime Minister Lukšić thanked Prime Minister Orban for Hungary’s continued political and expert support in meeting EU and NATO membership criteria, as well as for its active role in promoting European and Euro-Atlantic perspective of the Western Balkan and Montenegro in particular.

    “I am particularly pleased that the Hungarian administration, through the contact point embassy for NATO, will be able to contribute to successful achievement of one of our foreign policy priorities,” DPM Lukšić noted.

    It was agreed that, although the cooperation has been focusd on the process of European and Euro-Atlantic integration, the two countries will continue to deepen political, economic and overall relations.

    During his visit to Hungary, Deputy Prime Minister Lukšić also met with Speaker of the National Assembly of Hungary Laszlo Kover.

    Mr Kover said that Montenegro’s results in EU and NATO integration process can set example to other Western Balkan’s countries. He added that Montenegro and Hungary have established strong partnership at all levels, including at the parliamentary one.

    Source: Government of Montenegro