DPM Marković, Minister Konjević at 2BS Forum: Foreign fighters issue require strong democratic response, multilateral, bilateral and regional cooperation


    Budva, Montenegro (05 June 2015) – Montenegro’s Deputy Prime Minister Duško Marković and Interior Minister Raško Konjević attended earlier a panel debate titled “Foreign fighters – a growing threat to the region”, organised within today’s 2BS Forum in Budva.

    The two officials underlined that this particular threat should not be addressed only in a quantative, but also in a qualitative manner. Montenegro has joined the coalition composed of 60 countries willing to combat this challenge and the Criminal Code of Montenegro recognises this act as a criminal offense, they agreed.

    DPM Marković stressed that foreign fighters represent a serious threat to the security and stability of the Western Balkans and Europe as a whole, stressing that this issue is a key democratic challenge for the entire international community. The main issue is to recognizse the particular moment which indicates that an individual or a group of people are showing intentions to fight for different military, sub-military and other organizations, DPM Marković stressed. Mechanisms for preventing these activity are limited and the best response institutions can provide is a criminal prosecution of all individuals violating the legal framework and fundamental rights and freedoms, DPM Marković concluded.

    Interior Minister Konjević underlined that it is crucial not to allow the Montenegrin citizens to get that kind of motivation which will push them to go to foreign battlefields. In that regard, he highlighted the role of the media and wider public in drawing a clear difference between religious affiliation and extreme radicalism. Montenegro serves as a a good example of the state which cherishes multiculturalism and diversity, which forms a solid basis for building a better society and increasing quality of life of its citizens, he pointed out.

    Speech by Deputy Prime Minister Marković at the panel debate titled “Foreign fighters – a growing threat to the region”

    Speech by Interior Minister Raško Konjević at the panel debate titled “Foreign fighters – a growing threat to the region”

    Panel debate titled “Foreign fighters – a growing threat to the region” – Q&A

    Source: Government of Montenegro