DPM Marković, US Special Envoy Berry: Government committed to respecting universal human rights, regardless of their personal characteristics

    Podgorica, Montenegro (5 November 2015) — Deputy Prime Minister Duško Marković met earlier today with US State Department’s Special Envoy for Human Rights of LGBTI persons Randy Barry.

    DPM Marković confirmed the Government of Montenegro’s unequivocal commitment to respecting universal human rights, regardless of their personal characteristics, pointing out that an open dialogue on these issues has been established in Montenegro.

    “Sexual orientation and gender identity are integral parts of each human being’s personality and that should not be reason for discrimination and abuse, which is a fundamental tenet of an anti-discrimination policy of the Government of Montenegro,” he stressed, noting the Government has a leading role in promoting the OutLeadership concept as a support mechanism for respecting diversity in the workplace and inclusion of LGBTI persons.

    “We intend, in cooperation with our partners such as the OutLeadership (Out On The Street) organisations from New York and the UCLA School of Law of the Williams Institute, to establish a joint regional platform on diversity and inclusion of LGBTI persons in the Western Balkans. The Government of Montenegro has launched the initiative under the auspices of the Third Ministerial IDAHO Forum in Budva,” the Deputy Prime Minister stated.

    Special Envoy Barry commended the Montenegrin Government’s commitment to pursuing the policy of LGBTI rights at all levels, thanking the Deputy Prime Minister Marković for his political role in that regard. He pointed out that the US State Department pledges full support to the initiatives launched by the Government of Montenegro.

    The meeting also discussed global initiatives and efforts in the area of LGBTI rights and in developing the best practices which will be backed up by Montenegro.

    The meeting was attended by US Ambassador in Podgorica Margaret Uyehara and Advisor to the Prime Minister and National Coordinator for LGBT Policy Jovan Kojičić.

    Source: Government of Montenegro