DPM Pažin: To make additional efforts to improve public administration at all levels

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    Podgorica, Montenegro (7 July 2017) — Deputy Prime Minister for Political System, Interior and Foreign Policy Zoran Pažin spoke today at the opening of a conference on the cooperation of municipalities and non-governmental organisations, as well as the openness and responsibility of local governments, organised by the Centre for the Development of Non-Governmental Organisations (CRNVO). DPM Pažin: To make additional efforts to improve public administration at all levels

    Opening the converence, DPM Pažin recalled that the European Commision listed public administration reform as one of three pillars of the enlargement process in the Enlargement Startegy for 2015., with the rule of law and economic governance. Establishing a more functional public administration is one of the main challenges of the European integration process, which directly affects the ability of governments to provide public services and encourage competitiveness and growth. Therefore, additional efforts should be made to improve public administration at all levels, DPM Pažin said.

    DPM Pažin recalled that the Government of Montenegro adopted a Public Administration Reform Strategy 2016-2020 in July 2016. The key challenges in the field of local government, which are recognised by this Strategy, relate to the improvement of the functioning of local government units and the strengthening of their capacities, in order to ensure efficient provision of services and performance of tasks.

    “In addressing these challenges is of particular importance to achieve a substantial partnership of local government and citizens, transparency of work of local authorities and direct participation of citizens in solving problems of interest of the local community. Increased citizen participation, either as individuals or through associations and cooperation with the civil sector, in public life, especially in the decision-making process, ensures greater equality of citizens and gives greater legitimacy to the decisions taken,” DPM Pažin said.

    He added that the current Law on Local Government recognises and regulates the attitude of local government bodies and non-governmental organisations through various forms of cooperation, inviting the interested public to engage in a public debate on the new draft law on local government, which is still ongoing.

    “Finally, I hope that your work today will result in concrete proposals and suggestions that will contribute to better cooperation between local government and non-governmental organisations in order to reform the public administration and create a system of responsible, transparent and functional local government that serves citizens,” DPM Pažin concluded.

    Source: Government of Montenegro