During his stay in Stuttgart PM Đukanović visits companies Festo and Fojt Hydro

    Stuttgart, Germany (13 March 2015) — During his stay in Stuttgart, Montenegro’s Prime Minister Milo Đukanović paid Thursday a visit to Festo, a world-wide leading supplier of pneumatic and electical automation technology.

    Leading people of Festo presented to the Prime Minister the company’s business philosophy, with an emphasis on the value of dual education the company nurtures, and for which the Montenegrin side expressed interest in terms of transferring experience including theoretical and practical classes.

    Festo’s Executive Director Eberhard Veist said that one can not expect that only schools and universities educate staff for the economy, but employers must take the obligation of professional training, which is necessary to increase competitiveness and economic efficiency. A company is expected to plan professional development of its staff on an annual basis, in cooperation with educational institutions and specialised companies for dual training.

    PR BureauPrime Minister Đukanović also visited Foyt Hydro, one of the most famous world companies producing equipment for the construction of hydropower, which built the largest hydro power plants in the world “Three Gorges” in China. Regional office of the company is located in Montenegro, and it is engaged in the revitalisation of hydro power plants Perućica and Piva, as well as in the construction of small hydro power plants.

    It was agreed that Montenegro is known for its hydro enery potential as the country’s most interesting renable energy source, of which less than 30% has been used so far.

    Source: Government of Montenegro