Economic Forum in Hamburg: Montenegro excellent destination for investing

    Hamburg, Germany (25 February 2015) — Montenegro is an excellent destination for German investors, and energy and industry are the areas that offer good chances for investment, German business people emphasised at the Economic Forum, which was held in Hamburg earlier today.

    They praised Montenegro’s achievements towards the European Union and its openness to accepting new standards, which is a good prerequisite for investment of small and medium-sized enterprises from the region of Hamburg. The Forum concluded that economic cooperation between Montenegro and Germany should be strengthened.

    Montenegro’s Economy Minister Vladimir Kavarić gave a presentation on the investment policy and opportunities Montenegro has to offer, focusing on energy and industry.

    He informed representatives of Hamburg’s economy about the most current Montenegrin projects in the energy sector, and he presented projects of underwater energy cable between Montenegro and Italy, construction of small hydropower plants and wind farms, and the Second Block of Thermal Power Plant Pljevlja.

    Speaking about industry sector, the Economy Minister reiterated the government’s determination to create a new investment framework and environment through the establishment of business zones and introduction of incentives for investment and employment.

    Economic Forum in Hamburg was an opportunity for German companies operating in Montenegro to exchange experiences. Also, the Forum marks a concrete step towards the realisation of the agreed intensification of economic cooperation with Germany, that is, ith the region of Hamburg.

    Promotion of Montenegro’s investment potential at the Hambourg’s Economic Forum is particularly important in the context of the return visit of the delegation of Hamburg’s Chamber of Commerce to Montenegro, which is scheduled for June 2015.

    Source: Government of Montenegro