Ethics Committee of Police Authority: Police actions in front of parliament building were necessary, professional, in accordance with law

    Podgorica, Montenegro (27 October 2015) — At today’s meeting, the Ethics Committee of the Police Authority of Montenegro discussed the police conduct in the public gathering in front of the parliament building on 24 October, and reached the following conclusions:

    • The actions undertaken by the Police in front of the parliament building were necessary, professional and in accordance with the law;

    • The Committee voices concerns there are serious doubts that individual police officers in other locations behaved unethically;

    • The Committee calls for the competent state authorities to investigate the reported cases of possible excessive use of force as quickly as possible;

    • The Ethics Committee condemns any unethical behaviour of police officers;

    • The Committee also expresses regret that citizens and police officers got injured;

    • The Committee invites the public to inform the competent authorities about any action of the police which, according to them, was contrary to the law.

    Source: Government of Montenegro