Five buildings to be built at refugee camp Konik

    Podgorica, Montenegro (11November 2014) — Minister of Labour and Social Welfare Predrag Bošković and Head of EU Delegation to Montenegro Mitja Drobnič laid earlier today a foundation stone for the construction of flats for internally displaced persons at Podgorica’s refugee camp Konik.

    Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and the Delegation of the European Union are project partners collaborating on providing housing for internally displaced people in Montenegro.

    The project worth EUR 1.7 million implies the construction of 5 buildings with 10 apartments of various sizes.

    When the construction is completed, around 50 families, who will be subjected to a process of selection process, are expected to move in.

    The apartments will be made in line with social housing standards. Each building will have at least one flat adapted to persons with disabilities. All apartments will be equipped with solar panels that will be used to heat water.

    The construction works began in September 2014 and the completion is scheduled for summer 2015. According to the Law on Social Housing, the Capital City of Podgorica will be the owner of the buildings.

    Source: Government of Montenegro