Government adopts GRECO’s Compliance Report on Montenegro

    Podgorica, Montenegro (15 January 2015) – At today’s session, the Government discussed and adopted the GRECO’s Second Compliance Report on Montenegro, which contains 14 recommendations in the field of incrimination and transparency of financing political parties. The GRECO (Group of States against Corruption) adopted the report on 9 December 2014 at its 66th plenary session, which took place in Strasbourg.

    The report states that Montenegro has achieved great progress in the aforementioned areas, particularly when it comes to meeting five recommendations regarding the harmonisation of the Montenegrin Criminal Code with the Criminal Law Convention against Corruption.

    In regards to the transparency of financing political parties, Montenegro had previously fulfilled five out of nine GRECO’s recommendations. The report dealt with the remaining four and concluded that progress had been made in meeting two out of these four recommendations. That means that the GRECO positively assessed Montenegro’s efforts made towards improving transparency, identifying financial sources, strengthening financial discipline of political parties through rigid accounting and auditing liabilities, and prescribing a wide range of sanctions in case of their violation.

    The two successfully fulfilled recommendations were aimed at reinforcing procedures of political parties auditing and adjusting the existing sanctions related to the violation of financing political parties related regulations. The two partially met recommendations are referred to introducing clear rules and guidelines for using public resources for election campaigns and party activities more properly, and empowering competent institutions to monitor and supervise financing of political parties and electoral campaigns.

    Conditions for the implementation of these recommendations have already been created by the adoption of the Law on Financing Political Parties and Electoral Campaigns and the Law on Prevention of Corruption, thus enabling the adoption of relevant by – laws and establishment of an anti – corruption agency. Therefore, Montenegro is on the right track to achieve measurable results and strengthen public trust in institutions and electoral system in a short period of time.

    By meeting 12 out of 14 recommendations from the III evaluation, Montenegro shows its willingness to make additional efforts towards meeting the prescribed requirements and strengthening anti-corruption measues.

    Montenegro has already launched the IV round of evaluation regarding the prevention of corruption related to MPs, judges and state prosecutors. A GRECO evaluation team visited Montenegro in November 2014 and it is preparing the IV Evaluation Report to be adopted at GRECO’s plenary session in June 2015.

    Source: Government of Montenegro