Government and municipalities to join forces towards attracting investments, creating new jobs

    Podgorica, Montenegro (09 July 2015) – Minister of Economy Vladimir Kavarić met earlier today with representatives of local authorities to discuss the implementation of the Decree on promoting direct investment in Montenegro, with a particular emphasis on the municipalities in the north.

    “Such initiatives for attracting investment will strongly boost direct investment. State and local authorities should strengthen mutual cooperation in order to implement them properly, Minister Kavarić emphasised.

    Montenegro’s local authorities could contribute to the implementation of this document in an efficient manner, expecially when it comes to promoting locations and entrepreneurs which have direct communication with the municipalities, he highlighted.

    The meeting also addressed the benefits prescribed by the decree, in particular referring to financial incentives to the investments amounting EUR 3 000 – 10 000 per new job.

    Source: Government of Montenegro