Government backs up parliamentary draft resolution on Montenegro’s accession to NATO

    Podgorica, Montenegro (27 August 2015) – At today’s session, the Montenegrin Cabinet gave a positive opinion on the draft resolution on the support of NATO integration delivered by the Parliament. The debate highlighted that, at the time when Montenegro expects to receive a NATO entry invitation, the Government assessed the parliamentary initiative as purposeful and very significant.

    The Government is also convinced that the transfer of debate on Montenegro’s Euro-Atlantic integration into the Parliament will boost the quality of public dialogue and demonstrate there is a clear and unambiguous parliamentary majority that supports the country’s accession to the Alliance, which will affect further increase in public support in achieving the most important foreign policy objective.

    The resolution was signed, or is ready to be supported by up to about 50 MPs, National Coordinator for NATO Vesko Garčević noted following the Cabinet’s meeting earlier today.

    “This is very important not only as a fact that concerns the citizens of Montenegro, but also as a clear message that we send to our partners in NATO about what kind of support for integration exists in the Parliament,” he concluded.

    Source: Government of Montenegro