Government determines quota of 23 400 work permits for foreigners in 2015

    Podgorica, Montenegro (30 October 2014) – At today’s session, Montenegro’s government determined 23 400 work permits for 2015 according to the Decision on determination of number of work permits for foreigners.

    Out of the quota, the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare will be able to distribute 2000 work permits for particular purposes in line with the labour market’s demands.

    The decision particularly defines the quota of 3000 work permits for the implementation of Montenegro’s major development projects, thus creating conditions for undisturbed implementation of capital projects, if their implementation requires employment of foreigners.

    The quota of 23 400 work permits for foreigners will help strike a balance between the need to employ domestic labour and employment of foreigners, particularly when it comes to seasonal work. It also creates preconditions for increased level of employment of domestic labour force in 2015, as well as meeting employers’ needs when it comes to hiring foreigners.

    Source: Government of Montenegro