Government discusses reconstruction of landslide on section of Cetinje – Budva road

    Podgorica, Montenegro (12 March 2015) — Minister of Transport and Maritime Affairs Ivan Brajović informed the government about the situation and measures taken on the reconstruction of the landslide which has been happening for several days and which disrupted traffic on a section of the Cetinje – Budva road, one of the most frequent roads in Montenegro.

    This has been the gravest damage to a Montenegro road since the 1979 earthquake, caused by the recent heavy rains, Minister Brajović noted. The competent authorities are trying to resolve the problem with utmost seriousness as it is a road of great importance for traffic flow, especially in the context of the upcoming summer tourist season.

    Transport Minister Brajović said the Transport Directorate has established a commission, which involves eminent experts from Montenegro and make consultations with experts from abroad. Despite the fact the landslide is still active, the machinery has already been engaged to start redirection on groundwater to gaps and channels in order to prevent further soil degradation towards the Mažići village, he added.

    Government of Montenegro accepted the Commission for economic policy and financial system’s assessment which finds the idea of abolishing payment for the Sozina tunnel unfounded, as there are other alternative routes which enable traffic flow until the Cetinje – Budva road is reconstructed.

    Source: Government of Montenegro