Government of Montenegro among top Twitter users in the country according to latest data

    Podgorica, Montenegro (10 October 2014) – According to the latest Twitter statistics published recently by, a regional company dealing in all things Twitter, the Government of Montenegro is among top Twitter users in the country, with the second most popular channel in the country (@MeGovernment) and top political channels (@MeGovernment, @VladaCG).

    The data show that the Government’s English language Twitter channel @MeGovernment) with its 12k+ followers is ranked second most popular Twitter account in the country, just behind the most-read news portal in the country (@Vijestime) and just ahead of the second most-read news portal (@cafemontenegro).

    The Government’s two accounts that cater to both the international (@MeGovernment) and domestic audiences (@VladaCG) are also among the top political and institutional channels in the country, with 12k+ and 3k+ followers, respectively.

    Several other social media channels are offered by the Government and its ministries or other institutions, offering information on a broad range of topics, from finance and economy, EU integration, NATO integration, and other Government policies.

    The Government of Montenegro aims to be present and offer good services to citizens via social media channels and plans to expand its activity to other networks in the future.

    Source: Government of Montenegro