Government of Montenegro launches a website for flood relief donations

    In autumn 2010, Montenegro has suffered the worst floods in history that forced thousands to abandon their homes and caused unprecedented damage to crops and property.

    In efforts to help the citizens to cope with the outcome of these floods and to go on with their lives as before, in addition to constant help that has been provided, with the unselfish support of the international community, in the past several months, the Government of Montenegro has launched a website for direct donation for flood relief via credit cards.

    Following the link, it is possible to donate to Montenegro flood relief from anywhere in the world. The flood victims would welcome any donation, however symbolic, as a token of solidarity and support.

    We urge all the people of good will to get involved in this project in accordance with their capabilities and assist those citizens of Montenegro who due to heavy flooding are in dire need of help.


    Source: Government of Montenegro