Government to continue affirming media freedom in Montenegro, Prime Minister Đukanović underlines

    Podgorica, Montenegro (22 January 2015) – On the occasion of 23 January – Day of Journalists of Montenegro, Prime Minister Milo Đukanović sent a letter of congratulations to all journalists in the country.

    “The day when we celebrate the 144th anniversary of printing the first newspaper ‘Crnogorac’ is an opportunity to remind us of the Montenegrin journalistic tradition and major names that have marked almost a century and a half of journalism profession in Montenegro. I believe that such a tradition obliges us to advance standards of journalism in these challenging times in line with current democratic trends,” Prime Minister underlines in his letter of congratulations.

    He also stated that “the Montenegro government will continue contributing to the affirmation of media freedom and protection of the environment for objective reporting on all current issues and processes.”

    “Dear journalists, by preserving foundations of your profession, you also defend the core values of the Montenegrin society, authenticity and integrity of the spoken and written. Convinced that conditions for practicing journalism in Montenegro will improve, allow me to congratulate you the Day of Journalists and wish you success in further work,” the Prime Minister’s letter reads.

    Source: Government of Montenegro