House keys handed over to displaced families who return to Kosovo

    Montenegro’s Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare, the UNHCR, the Danish Council and the NGO HELP organised earlier today the handover of house keys to the families who have returned to their country of origin from the refugee camp Konik I and the municipality of Nikšić this month. So far, 13 families with 67 members have returned to the municipality of Klina, Kosovo.

    Until the end of 2014, 10 families with about 50 members are planned to return to the municipality of Peć, Kosovo.

    Voluntary return of displaced persons is to be continued in 2015, in line with the agreement reached between Montenegro’s Ministry of Labour and Kosovo’s Ministry of Communities and Returns. EU and UNHCR institutions pledge full support to displaced persons wishing to return to their country of origin.

    Source: Government of Montenegro