III session of National Investment Commission: Western Balkans Investment Framework grants to be used for co-financing priority infrastructural projects

    Podgorica, Montenegro (3 December 2015) – At yesterday’s session of the National Investment Commission chaired by Prime Minister Milo Đukanović adopted a so-called Single List of the Priority Infrastructure Projects composed of 64 projects: nine within the energy, nine within the transport, 30 within the environmental protection, and 15 within social activities.

    According to the methodology of the Western Balkans Investment Framework and European Commission’s request, all the steps prescribed by the Methodology for choosing priority infrastructure projects are being taken into account in the process of adopting the Single List. It also creates the preconditions for co-financing these projects within the support of the Western Balkans Investment Framework grants.

    Following the adoption of the Single List, the European Commission will issue a decision about which projects will be given the financial support from the Western Balkans Investment Framework.

    The Western Balkans Investment Framework is the main mechanism aimed at providing financial support to the region in the period 2014-2020. These funds are available for Montenegro, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, and Kosovo.

    Source: Government of Montenegro