Interior Minister Konjević discusses security situation in region with ambassadors of EU member states in Montenegro

    Podgorica, Montenegro (22 January 2015) – Interior Minister Raško Konjević attended on Tuesday, at the invitation of Head of EU mission to Montenegro Mitja Drobnič, the regular meeting of ambassadors of EU member states in Montenegro.

    Minister Konjević informed the ambassadors about the security situation in the region, in the light of recent events in France. Expressing deep regret over the terrorist attack on the office of Charlie Hebdo in Paris, he informed them about activities being undertaken by Montenegro’s security services towards preventing and combating terrorism in Montenegro. In that regard, Mr Konjević recalled that Montenegro’s government has adopted amendments to the Criminal Code prescribing for severe punishments for the participation of Montenegrin citizens in foreign armed conflicts, and that the amendments adoption in the Parliament is scheduled for June 2015. He underlined that regional cooperation is crucial for dealing with this issue.

    The representatives of EU member states voiced interest in the identification of the state border between Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the Sutorina issue.

    By the same token, Interior Minister Konjević informed them about the course of the negotiation process and noted that, as regrads Montenegro, this issue has been completed. He also voiced hope that the process of border demarcation and identification with Kosovo and Albania is to be completed soon and that negotiations with Serbia will start during 2015.

    Source: Government of Montenegro