Law will be consistently applied in all individual cases in which excessive use of force is determined

    Podgorica, Montenegro (26 October 2015) — Ministry of the Interior of Montenegro will consistently apply the law in all individual cases where any excessive use of force is determined. The Interior Ministry reiterates that the police acted according to the law during the public gathering on Saturday evening in front of the Parliament building in Podgorica, and that each individual complaint and conclusions by the Council for Civil Control of Police will be thoroughly reviewed in collaboration with the competent prosecutor’s office.

    Pursuant to Article 59 of the Law on Internal Affairs, the Interior Minister authorised in April 2014 the Director of the Police Authority to carry out legal reviews of use of force by police officers.

    Interior Minister Raško Konjević expects the report to be drafted by relevant senior police officers and submitted to the Chief of the Police for assessment. It is clear that the Police Authority should take into account the Council’s conclusions and evaluations relating the case which had been under consideration during determining the legality of use of force.

    The Report on use of force will be submitted to the Council and the competent prosecutor’s office, with particular reference to the cases the public and Council for Civil Control of Police have shown interest in.

    Ministry of the Interior of Montenegro

    Source: Government of Montenegro