McAllister of European Parliament: Montenegro country of safe origin when it comes to immigration issue

    Podgorica, Montenegro (24 July 2015) — Prime Minister Milo Đukanović met Thursday with Member of the European Parliament from the Germany David McAllister.

    The Prime Minister thanked Germany for providing continued support to Montenegro and the Western Balkans region’s integration efforts.

    “A particular impulse to the strengthening of integration processes in the Balkan has been given by the Berlin Process, which focuses on boosting economic activity in the region, its interconnection and infrastructure linking with EU countries,” Prime Minister Đukanović noted.

    The Prime Minister also emphasised the strong support Germany provides to Montenegro EU and NATO bids, as well as the support in overcoming decades of backwardness through development assistance.

    The Member of the European Parliament and senior official of the Christian – Democratic Union, led by Angela Merkel, encouraged further progress of Montenegro and achievements that reinforce the Montenegrin society and provide a higher standard of living for its citizens.

    The two officials exchanged views on the current situation in the region and the issue of increased migration from all countries in the region, including Montenegro. It is concluded that one of the main reasons for migration was intensified propaganda of those who are working for economic and personal reasons.

    Mr McAllister pointed out that this topic has been one the most intriguing in Germany in the recent period and that is why the country is working towards adopting legislative measures which will enable all such cases to be returned. The decision classifying Montenegro, under German law, as a safe country of origin, will make a significant to improving the situation. It was also agreed that Montenegro, in cooperation with the German Embassy, should conduct a campaign aimed at providing detailed information on this issue.

    The Prime Minister once again stressed that the government will continue pursuing policy of accelerated economic development with a view to increasing the quality of life of citizens in Montenegro.

    Source: Government of Montenegro