Meeting on the Iranian nuclear programme

    State Secretary for Political Affairs Ambassador Vladimir Radulović was invited earlier today to meet with French Ambassador Véronique Brumeaux, Head of the EU Delegation Mitja Drobnič, and chargé d’affaires at the German Embassy Olaf Peschke. The topic of the meeting was the negotiations on the Iranian nuclear programme.

    Representatives of E3+3 countries (China, France, Germany, Russia, the UK, and the US), who took part in the negotiations, informed the State Secretary on the hitherto implementation of the agreement reached in November 2013, the progress made regarding Iran’s nuclear programme, and the commitments undertaken and fulfilled by both sides. The interim Joint Plan of Action resulted in the halt of the country’s nuclear programme and, consequently, the lessening of certain international community sanctions. Along those lines, they underlined that the decision on the extension of the agreement’s application by November 2014, which has been agreed with the Iranian side, will enable for a continuation of talks on a comprehensive solution to the issue of Iran’s nuclear programme.

    State Secretary Radulović underlined that Montenegro has always and in all international organisations and at all events supported the concept, content, and objectives of the Geneva talks and that it continues supporting with the same fervour the extension of the implementation of the Joint Plan of Action on the Iranian nuclear programme. He added that Montenegro encourages all those involved, and especially the Iranian side, to continue with the responsible and constructive dialogue which will help bring about an acceptable, lasting, and comprehensive solution enabling for the Iranian nuclear programme to be used solely for peace-time purposes. He was hopeful that the implementation of the Joint Plan of Action and the continuation of talks will contribute to peace and stability not only in the Middle East but well beyond, bearing in mind the sensitivity and importance of a controlled usage of nuclear energy for the preservation of international and global security.

    Source: Government of Montenegro