MFAEI and MI held a briefing for diplomatic corps representatives

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration and the Ministry of the Interior held earlier today a briefing for representatives of the diplomatic corps regarding the ongoing situation related to protests in Podgorica.

    Ministries’ representatives underlined the need to take the political dialogue back into the institutions and noted the need to work together on calming the tensions and stabilising the situation. At the briefing, they informed the diplomats about the details of current events, stressing that representatives of the Police Authority have acted in line with the law and in line with what is expected of them in circumstances like these, professionally and with the view to protecting peace and order, state institutions, and personal and professional integrity of each citizen of Montenegro. The respect for and consistent implementation of legal provisions are the basic tenets of a rule of law system.

    During the talks, Montenegro’s strategic policy orientation of joining NATO and the European Union was reiterated, as well as the commitment to key mechanisms for strengthening the stability of the political system and further economic development, which at the same time are the way to bolster overall development in the society and the quality of life of all citizens of Montenegro. It was also noted that there exists a broad dialogue through various presentations of arguments on all issues of strategic nature, which, inter alia, recommends Montenegro as a country that is attaining democratic standards of functioning.

    Along the lines of today’s briefings and with the view to providing objective information, representatives of the diplomatic corps have underlined the need of continuous communication with line institutions in the country.

    Source: Government of Montenegro